If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t matter.

I had an interesting discussion some years ago with a friend about one of my favorite motivational taglines: “If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t matter.” She said (and I’m paraphrasing wildly here….memory of a lima bean, don’tcha know…) that it was a faulty statement, because the facts ALWAYS matter. If the fact is that you are paralyzed from the waist down, you are not going to be able to get up and walk, no matter how much you dream about it being so. If the fact is that you are male, you are not going to be able to carry a fetus to term and deliver a baby from your own body, no matter how much you dream about it being possible. We both wound up frustrated that neither of us was coming around to the other’s point of view, and finally agreed to disagree.

This weekend, I’m revisiting my assertion that if the dream is big enough, the facts absolutely do not matter.

As I sit here composing my thoughts into this post, I am under the influence of opioid pain medication, and have heating pads on various body parts. I was in a car accident on Wednesday, in which I acquired a separated shoulder, bruised ribs, and a demolished car. (Should you ever have the burning desire to find out what it feels like to be a pinball, and decide that you would like to experiment with this desire using your car and a couple of big trees….don’t. Just don’t. Bad idea. I promise.) I had only basic liability insurance on the car, so my insurance company is taking care of my medical bills, but I’m on my own for replacing the car.

Now, I don’t happen to have a couple grand just lying around to put towards a new car (or a new-to-me car….assume that both new new and new-to-me new are included when I say “new”). And since I’m self-employed, it’s challenging to find financing through a dealership or some such to buy a new car. But there’s another option. The company with which I am affiliated has a program through which its independent sales force can earn the use of a free career car through their businesses. Free car? Sign me up!

So here are the facts: To earn my free car, I have to share the business opportunity with a certain number of people. And then we, as a group, have to sell a certain amount of product. When I wrecked my car, I had one team member. Nowhere near the number I need, of course. (When I have five team members, I’m considered “on target.” The final number is a bunch more than that.) And the two of us, my team member and I, we’re absolutely, positively NOWHERE near the sales total we need.

Here are some more facts: I’m in all kinds of pain. Separated shoulders really, really suck. Leave those suckers put together the way they’re meant to be! I have very limited use of that shoulder, and am wearing a sling when I’m not laying down. The accident also caused a flareup of my longstanding health challenges, so the pain’s not just in my shoulder. Hobbling to the bathroom and back is a huge undertaking right now. Oh, and those pain medications I’m on? They make me dizzy, nauseated, sleepy, light-headed, and extremely foggy-brained.

That second set of facts….it’s completely irrelevant. None of it matters. At all. I mean, sure, it’ll all make for a great story. (It’s already making for a great blog post!) But it’s all beside the point. The point is, I need a car. Now. And my company will let me earn one. Also now. And I have an amazing mentor who will help me earn one. Also now. And I have begun earning my free car. Now.

Is it easy? Nope. As I sit here typing, there are about 5 versions of my laptop swimming in front of me. Same thing was going on yesterday when I contacted a dozen friends and said “Hey, will you help me? And can you help me fast?” Several of them were able to help me within 24 hours of my asking. And my incredible mentor did 3-way phone calls with me and my friends. And two of those friends are interested in maybe starting along this journey with me in their own businesses.

Is it easy? Nope. I’m typing mostly one-handed, because the pain in my shoulder is radiating all over the place.

Is it easy? Nope. I’m losing track of my train of thought.

Is it easy? Nope. I have no idea where the rest of my numbers are going to come from. I’m just going to keep asking and let the universe take care of the rest.

Is it easy? Nope. But that’s another fact that just doesn’t matter.

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Of course it’s not easy. But it’s worth it.


About krissjudd

30-something with fascinating health seeks blog for sporadic rambling, ranting, regaling, revivifying, and rabble rousing. Occasionally finds time to chime in with a rhyme. Knows when they're there with their noes about a nose. Brevity may be the soul of wit, but my soul yearns to milk every significance and nuance from the words with which I love to play.
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