What on earth am I doing here?

Call me Ishmael…..

Well, no, don’t.  It’s not my name, and I wouldn’t know who you were talking to.  But hey, the line worked for Melville.

My name’s Kriss, and I’m a workaholic.  *pauses for the chorus of ‘Hi, Kriss!’*

Right now, I’m working two jobs, one full-time and one part-time, while fighting to build my direct sales business.  Meanwhile, I’m also battling some chronic health issues.  That’s what brought me here.

I decided to start this blog for several reasons.  First, I wanted to document my journey.  The first six years I was in business for myself, I mostly played at it.  I was only dating my business; it’s time to get married.  One of the effects of the health issues I’m fighting is memory loss.  If I don’t write it down, it never happened.  This blog is my answer to that challenge.

Second, friends and colleagues keep telling me how inspiring my journey has been to them.  One of my primary motivations in building my business is to enrich the lives of others through it.  I figured if I can inspire people who actually know me (and all of my foibles!), perhaps through a blog, I might be able to reach others and inspire them as well.

And third, I’m just not busy enough.  Forty or so hours a week at my J.O.B. (aka Journey Of the Broke!), eight or nine hours a week at my part time job (which is more of a joy than a job), building my business, trying to create a diet and exercise regimen that will enable me to have more energy and strength, and occasionally sleeping…..it’s just not enough!  I needed a blog, too.

So there you have it.  The big introduction.  Welcome, wilkommen, bienvenido, bienvenue, and enjoy!


About krissjudd

30-something with fascinating health seeks blog for sporadic rambling, ranting, regaling, revivifying, and rabble rousing. Occasionally finds time to chime in with a rhyme. Knows when they're there with their noes about a nose. Brevity may be the soul of wit, but my soul yearns to milk every significance and nuance from the words with which I love to play.
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